Sequence Insect

by Verberator

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Debut LP from Verberator.
A series of dark loops thumping out of a reverberated womb.
A midnight drive on a pitch black highway.
An insomnia induced waking nightmare.
A stranger in the corner.


released January 5, 2017

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synthesizer, Drum loops, Percussion-Mikel Sathicq

Recorded Nov/Dec 2016




all rights reserved


Verberator Gold Coast, Australia


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Track Name: Sequence Insect
Morning glass of dew
Birds awake from their view
Sequence insect
Behold, first light of dawn
Beauty's at the door
Sequence insect
Track Name: Fruits of Man
Hail the fruits of man
that build the sky
and keep the lands
oh ever greener
See the shrinking sun
the warming earth
the traipsing mud
that makes great towers

Hail the reigning chimp
that bangs his drum
and squawks a tune
to crowds of thunder
Ere the plague of man
that taints the well
and turns the water
into wine
Track Name: The Night Clerk
Night clerk
tapping at the window
night clerk
sleeping at the wheel

He'll make you lay
in the bed that you made

Should he take it easy on you now?
Track Name: Fruits of God
Run, run around to the night and day
fruits of god
Track Name: Muscle Cars
You ride with boys in muscle cars
with muscle girls that like going fast

Teenagers on a midnight drive
cruisin' round see what trouble finds, this time

And you ride, yeah you ride

Leave your filter at the borderline
and take a sip of somebodies wine

See the lights fade away behind
a fear creeps up inside of your mind, oh no

And you slip, yeah you slip

Lucid dreaming in a drug fuelled trance
makes you awake in a cold, cold sweat

Lying flat on the forest floor
teenager with a blood soaked arm

Muscle cars
Track Name: Woman
Lady, give us a smile
taste it, as it leaves your lips

Woman, give me a child
and kneel down, at the shrine of life
Track Name: I'll Be Gone
Rising sun
soon you will be gone

Hands so soft
slip into the fog

Rising sun
soon you will be gone
Track Name: Gutter Jungle
(incoherent animal noises)